What good is legal service if you don't understand the approach?

When we meet with clients in our office, whether the meeting is the first or we have been meeting with the client for years, you are our guest and we treat you as such. During our meetings we do not explain things to you just so we can hear ourselves talk. Our goal is to use this time in an efficient manner to hear your needs and goals, explain and present a plan of action in easy to understand terms, and ultimately that you will feel comfortable with the plan when you leave the meeting. One of our strong points is that we are also multilingual (Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento).

Frans & Associates caters to the needs of entrepreneurs in various stages of their business. Whether it is a startup company, a mid size or large company ,we are there with tailor made legal solutions covering the whole spectrum of corporate law and also other fields of law that are connected therewith ( labour law, general conditions, cross border transactions etc.).

We are a boutique law that offers not only legal services but through our vast local and international network we are able to help our clients a one stop shop where they can also get in touch other duly qualified providers of professional services (accountant, tax lawyers, notaries law offices abroad and other professionals).

Our specialized services are:


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