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By: Robert R. Frans (business attorney and owner and Frans & Associates, Counselors at Law

Entrepreneurs are constantly envisioning ways to improve their business and attain growth and longevity. Sometimes, however, growth and success take priority over one not-so obvious, yet critical business ingredient: a talented corporate attorney.

Many business owners risk not hiring a corporate attorney to avoid financial burdens, but others simply don’t know they need to retain a lawyer at all. In lacking an experienced corporate counsel, a company is strangely vulnerable on all fronts.

The goal here at the Frans & Associates is to explain how business attorneys limit that vulnerability. Here are 6 undeniable reasons why your company needs an attorney today:

1. Gain a key business advisor without supporting the weight of a new employee.

A business attorney isn’t just there to represent you in court. Rather, your business lawyer is trained to advise you in a variety of matters concerning your company, including contract formation, mergers, taxes and more – all without you having to hire him/her as a new employee.

2. Develop stronger, good faith relationships with investors.

As a new business, you will most likely team up with investors in multiple phases to help get off the ground. An investor will typically request a myriad of essential documents before an agreement is reached. Your corporate attorney can ensure all documents are complete, accurate and properly stored.

3. Educate staff about your business and the laws that apply.

A strong corporate lawyer can teach. Your attorney is able to educate you and your staff regarding various legalities and illegalities throughout the course of your day-to-day business. Your entire operation becomes more efficient and compliant as a result.

4. Develop smarter legal relationships with business partners.

Have a business partner? As you form your company, you’ll need to articulate that relationship in a legal context. Your attorney can assist you and your partner(s) in constructing and agreeing upon a legally binding relationship that will benefit all parties long term.

5. Use your attorney’s connections to spread the word about your business.

Any experienced, well-established business lawyer will typically have a wide variety of connections. And any competent attorney will tap into his/her network to send business your way.

6. Follow the law.

Ignorance is not a defense. Unfortunately, many individuals are convicted of crimes they didn’t know they were committing at the time, especially white collar infractions. But with a business attorney at your side, you can ensure your company complies with all applicable laws and avoids costly litigation.

Contact an experienced Business Lawyer today.

The experts at the FRANS & ASSOCIATES, COUNSELORS AT LAW, are equipped with legal knowledge and business savvy. We can help your small business flourish today. Contact us now to get started by e-mail or call us at +5999 4612812. You can also check out our website and blog ( for more interesting information.



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